Sunday, October 18, 2009

Class 3A 2009 Party!

Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, handsomes and beauties:


All the students and teachers of 3A are invited.
There's some information about the party:

Venue: Class 3A SMK Bintulu
Date : 23rd October 2009 (Friday)
Time : 8.30 onwards

Please bring :
1. RM 10 per person (except teachers) for foods, drinks and present for teachers.
2. Cameras(Snapping the precious moments.. :D)
3. Fruits or junk food (Optional)

Cikgu Chin and Cikgu Hajijah are invited too, please behave urself and please don make any "BABOON" sound yar!
Oh right! We'll be making a video about Class 3A this year too.=)

SNAP pictures for us!

Everyone, enjoy the party on Friday yar..!!

*** Please inform our classmates about this party, the party will be start at 8.30 sharp, please come at the time.

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